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My cheap air ticket take care travels Delhi Air Ticket SellerPilgrimage Tour

India has a culture and civilization that are more than 5000 years old. The Indian history has seen the rise and fall of great civilizations. Kings and Emperors have left a mark on the canvas of time.

Due to long time frame and the vividity, it is at times a little difficult for a tourist to understand India. To make things easier for the visitors to make their programs, we have put together a large selection to our study and culture tours that will bring them closer to INDIA.

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My cheap air ticket take care travels Delhi Air Ticket SellerSHIMLA

There are several places to see in and around Shimla. You must see Rampur that happens to be around Shimla. The Lavi Fair and the Padam Palace are the major attractions in Rampur. Then there is Charabra just thirteen kms from Shimla. In Charabra you must see the Wild Flower Hall. The Wild Flower Hall that offers spectacular sights of the snows serves as a hotel now. For the nature lovers there is Mashobra. There are the oaks and pines and the flowers in the beautiful gardens. Villas and picnic spots dot Mashobra. You may trek to the summer hill that lies around Shimla. Further ahead are the Chadwick Falls that make an excellent picnic spot for the tourists in Shimla. In case you wish to see some splendid specimens of the Himachali architecture then you must see the Bihargaon village, around four km from Shimla. Just six km away from Shimla stands the Prospect Hill. You must see the vistas from the Hill that will sweep you off the feet.

The Kamna Devi temple and the Tara Devi Temple are the other places you must see around Shimla. The adventure seekers that visit Shimla must see Kufri. Kufri is one place that offers wonderful hikes and skiing opportunities. Besides these Narkanda, Chail, Sarahan, Naldehra and Tattapani are places worth seeing around Shimla.

Make your holidays at Shimla more enjoyable by seeing these nearby places. These places not only enhance tourism potential in Shimla but also are worth seeing holiday spots themselves.

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Junagarh Fort - Bikaner Trip is incomplete without paying a visit to the assailable Fort. This Fort was built by Raja Rai Singh in 1593. We arrange India tour package suiting your budget and expectations. With us, avail best India Tour packages, and visit Rajasthan India tour, and Junagarh Fort. This Bikaner fort is called an unassailable fortress as it is never been conquered by anyone. Junagarh Fort has some worth-watching palaces like Rang Mahal, Anup Mahal and Ganga Niwas which are quite exciting and enchanting. This fort is well-maintained and preserved with awesome museum of weapons, artifacts and artillery.

Lal garh Palace - Built by Maharaja Ganga Singh, Lal garh Palace is a worthwhile place to visit. Built in the memory of, Maharaja Lall Singh, father of Mr Maharaja Ganga Singh, this place is a fusion of European, Rajput and Mughal architecture. In this place, the royal family still lives while rest of the hotel has been used and developed into a hotel. Lal garh Palace is also a hub of exquisite paintings and hunting trophies.

Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum - If you want to see the awesome collection of paintings, pottery, carpets, arts and crafts, Terracotta and ancient weaponry of Harrapan as well as early Gupta period then your search rests here in this wonderful and well-maintained Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum. This museum is known as the best museum as far as archaeological discoveries from both Harrapan and early Gupta period is concerned.

Bhandasar Jain Temple - This temple is beautifully carved in white marble and red sandstone. This temple was built near about in 1544 AD by Bhandeshwar and Sandehswar. This temple is the oldest structure in whole Biakaner. Bhandasar Jain Temple is famous for its impressive carvings, astonishing wall paintings, commendable gold leaf paintings and rich mirror work.

Bhandeshwar & Sandeshwar Temples - Of aesthetic heritage, Bhandeshwar & Sandeshwar Temples are the oldest and most famous monuments in Bikaner. These temples are constructed by two brothers Bhandeshwar & Sandeshwar which were named after them. Bhandeshwar & Sandeshwar Temples are famous for their impressive carvings, astonishing wall paintings, admirable gold leaf paintings and rich mirror work.

Devi Kund - Devi Kund is the royal crematorium of Bikaner ruling family. Situated at a distance of 8 kms from Bikaner, the chhatri of the royal house is neatly arranged in architectural style. Every chhatri is made in the memory of the royal rules of Bikaji dynasty where they were royally cremated. They lend an impressive look and are made of white marble rendering it interesting look.

Gajner Wild Life Sanctuary - Gajner Wild Life Sanctuary is most common places in the city. Lush with greenery, it renders enchanting look to the visitors. It is covered by lakes and wooded hills. Here in this wild life sanctuary, one can feasibly spot a Wild Boar, Black Buck, Blue Bull, Chinkara and Sand Grouse. This place has a lot of historical importance as well. In ancient time Maharajas used to hunt wild animals. Now, this place is currently used for safeguarding wild animals.

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My cheap air ticket take care travels Delhi Air Ticket SellerKolkata

Victoria Memorial Victoria Memorial is a splendid architectural structure in white marble, modeled on the Taj Mahal. It was built in the early 20th century, in memory of Queen Victoria and was formally inaugurated by the Prince of Wales in 1921. The noble bronze statue of the queen near the entrance, the brass canons, wrought iron street lamps, manicured lawns, gardens and pathways, the magical lighting effect in the evening and a fairy tale 'Fountain of Joy' facing the memorial building create an atmosphere of unforgettable charm.

Eden Gardens In the North-West corner of the Maidan are small & pleasantly laid out Eden Gardens. The gardens were created in 1840 and named after the sister of Lord Auckland, the former governor general. This lovely garden is dotted with beautiful trees and shrubs, intersected by winding paths, and there is a large artificial lake also. Alongside the gardens, is the world famous Eden Gardens cricket stadium. Near the gardens you can take a pleasant walk along the bank of Hoogly river.

Birla Planetarium
Birla planetarium, near the government of India tourist office, is one of the largest in the world and is located on Kolkata's Eastern metropolitan bypass. It is one of its kind in India. There are shows in English everyday. Set amidst trees and lawns, here one explore the mysteries of science.

Shantiniketan Shantiniketan is located 211 km from Kolkata. At Shantiniketan, an ashram was founded by Maharshi Debendranath, father of Rabindranath Tagore in 1863 AD. Almost 40 years later, Rabindranath started an open-air school at Shantiniketan. It gradually developed into an international university named Visva Bharti where the cultures of the East and the West meet in common fellowship. Thereby strengthening the fundamental conditions of world peace.

Sunderbans Tiger Reserve
Located around 166 km from Kolkata is Sunderbans, a large unbroken swamp criss-crossed by a network of rivers, channels and creeks at the mouth of rivers, the Ganga and the Brahmputra. Sunderbans spreads over an area of 1,629 sq. km and was declared a reserve between 1928 and 1943. This marshy land is famous for Royal Bengal tigers and other variety of marine life which include the salt water crocodile, Olive Ridley turtle, Leopards and the fishing cats.

Kali Temple
The Kali temple was rebuilt in 1809 on the site of a much older temple, Kalighat, the actual temple from which Kolkata takes its name. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali, who represents the destructive side of Siva's consort and demands daily sacrifices. This is an extremely busy temple. Mother Teresa's Hospital for the dying destitute is situated right next door to the temple.

Howrah Bridge
Howrah bridge is one of three bridges on the river Hooghly. It is regarded as the most famous symbol of not only Kolkata but also West Bengal. Until 1943, the Hooghly River was crossed by a pontoon bridge which had to be opened to let river traffic through. There was considerable opposition to construction of a bridge due to fears that it would affect the river currents and cause silting problems. But this problem was eventually avoided by building a bridge that crosses the river in a single 450m span, the bridge has no pylons at all within the river. Other places of interest

Ganga Sagar
The Ganga Sagar is an important cultural and religious destination. It also has an outstanding beach for tourists, which is situated on the island in the Sunderbans. It holds the charm of a completely unspoilt beach on the estuary of the mighty Ganga. One can reach Ganga Sagar from Kolkata by bus.

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My cheap air ticket take care travels Delhi Air Ticket SellerJaipur

City Palace: City Palace is majestically standing in the heart of Jaipur. It offers a wonderful example of Mughal & Rajput architecture. The City Palace houses beautiful structures like museum displaying some rich collection related to history and culture of Rajasthan such as Mughal carpets and costumes, weapons, rare manuscripts etc. City Palace also include a Mubarak Mahal , Diwan-e-Khas (the hall of private audience), 7-storey palace 'Chandra Mahal' (moon palace), and the Diwan-e-Aam (the hall of public audience)

Jantar Mantar : Jantar Mantar is not to be missed destination in Jaipur. Built in 1718, Jantar Mantar signifies the medieval astronomy. It is built by the astronomical king Sawai Jai Singh. Sawai Jai Singh is the founder of Jaipur. Jantar Mantar built in stone and marble, is a place which is occupied with scientifically designed instruments to study the movement of stars. Among the most remarkable instrument is "Ram Yantra," which is used for gauging altitudes.

Hawa Mahal: "Palace of Winds" or Hawa Mahal is the most stunning site in Jaipur. It is a famous tourist attraction in Jaipur. Hawa Mahal offers a wonderful sight to behold. The magnificent Hawa Mahal, still speaks the story of the royal family. One can also find the glimpse of Mughal architecture, which is perfectly blended to look distinct form others. Hawa Mahal is believed to build for the womenfolk where they had to strictly follow purdah system. The small windows serve the women to watch the different activities taking place on the streets. It has 953 small windows decorated with artistic work. The circulation of air through the windows represents the marvelous touch and keeps the palace always cool.

Amber Fort: Tour to Jaipur is incomplete without paying visit to the Amber Fort. Amber Fort is built in red sandstone and white marble. It is a palace of the complex construction, it was built in the 16 th century AD by Raja Man Singh and completed finally in 18 th century by Sawai Jai Singh. Truly it represents a fine blend of Mughal and Rajput architecture. You can enjoy the beautiful view surrounding areas from the fort. Amber Fort is the hub of gardens and temples, halls, pavilions, palaces, which were built by Raja Man Singh.

Samode : Samode though a small village, is famous for its exquisite beauty Samode Palace and Garden. The highlight of this building is the exquisite Diwan-I-Khas, Diwan-I-Khas which is painted with original paintings and also the mirror work.

Tonk : Tonk is an old town of the mid 17th century. It is located 100 Kms from Jaipur. The new town is a colorful assortment of mansions, mosques and colonial buildings. Golden Mansion or The Sunehri Kothi is especially noted for its mirror work.

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My cheap air ticket take care travels Delhi Air Ticket SellerJaisalmer

Jain temple, Jaisalmer, Jain Temples

There are fine Jain temples, built in the 12th to 15th century within the Jaisalmer Fort. They are beautifully carved and dedicated to Rishabdevji and Sambhavnathji. The Gyan Bhandar, a library containing some very old manuscripts, is also present in the temple complex. The temples are open till 12 noon . There are also Shiva and Ganesh temples within the fort, which also close at 12 noon . The emerald icon of Mahavira here is an unique gem.

Jaisalmer fort
The Jaisalmer fort stands about 100 meters over the city and houses a citadel within its huge ramparts. Just walk through the fort and you can experience the Jaisalmer. Several entrances called Pols, including the Ganesh Pol, Suraj Pol, Bhoota Pol and the Hava Pol guard the Megh Durbar and the Jawahar Mahal which were occupied by the royal family.

Havelis :
There are beautiful mansions in Jaisalmer, built by the wealthy merchants and are known as 'havelis'. Several of these fine sandstone buildings are still in beautiful condition. Patwon ki Haveli is the most elaborate and magnificent of all the Jaisalmer havelis. The Salim-Singh-ki-Haveli is a splendid edifice whose two upper storeys had to be demolished and yet looks magnificient. Particularly noteworthy are the rows of peacocks below the jharokhas. The projected balconies or jharokhas are a perfect example of jeweler's art applied to stone carving.

Godi Sagar :
This tank, south of the city walls, once held the town water supply, and befitting its importance in providing precious water to the inhabitants of this arid city, it is surrounded by small temples and shrines.

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My cheap air ticket take care travels Delhi Air Ticket SellerKerala

Kerala's rich cultural past finds expression in dance forms like Kathakali and Mohiniattam, while Kalaripayattu the traditional martial art form of Kerala has been practiced for ages.

Welcome to Kerala – the tropical paradise and often referred as the ‘God’s own country’. Travel to Kerala, located in the southwestern tip of the Indian peninsula is one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Kerala is bound by the Arabian Sea on the west, Karnataka on the North and Northeast, and Tamil Nadu on the east. The Malabar Coast of India is the site of Kerala location. Geographical Kerala is a part of the coastal belt with the hill ranges known as the Western Ghats running along the length of Kerala. Kerala has a coastal belt with sandy beaches and palm fringed shores. The seaside Kerala location, makes it a pleasant holiday destination, with sunny beaches and serene backwaters. The hill ranges of Kerala have hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries, tea estates and spice plantations. Geographical Kerala exhibits diversity in climate within the compact Kerala location on the Malabar Coast of India.

Geographical Kerala is a tropical region, with weather being pleasant for most of the year. Humidity increases during the monsoon season. The location of Kerala gives it an unique climatic and geographic features.

On your tour Kerala, take up a travel ride to the tranquil Kerala backwaters or take a tour of Kerala’s palm-fringed beaches. Serene yet enjoyable, the emerald backwaters of Kerala are best explored on the traditional thatch-roofed houseboats. Travel to the panoramic cities of Kerala or visit the lush green tea gardens or wildlife sanctuaries of Kerala and discover the true colours of nature’s beauty. Travel to nature-bounty land of Kerala for an experience to savour for lifetime.

The truly magical Kerala is also the best destination to undergo Ayurveda treatments. Travel to Kerala to rejuvenate and relax yourself and make your tourism in Kerala a complete satisfaction. Tour the captivating cities of Kerala with Kerala tour packages on your tourism to Kerala.

Rejuvenate your senses and indulge in natural therapy treatments on your tour to Kerala. Explore the nature’s wonders with tour packages of Kerala.

Travel to magnificent wildlife sanctuaries and parks in Kerala. Characterized by rich flora and fauna, Kerala wildlife sanctuaries and parks are nature lover’s paradise. Watch some rare animals and migratory birds while touring Kerala’s wildlife sanctuaries and parks. Periyar, Idukki, Thekkady or Kumarakom, each wildlife sanctuary is unique in its own sense and all are worth visiting while travelling Kerala.

A trip to Kerala will offer you breathtaking surroundings, pristine backwaters and beaches of immense natural beauty. Travel to the fascinating Kerala, experience the pampering Ayurveda health treatment in Kerala and explore the tranquil Kerala backwaters and other cultural attractions of Kerala. Kerala tour packages offer tourists a range of tour packages and guides them in their quest to delve the nature’s wonders.

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My cheap air ticket take care travels Delhi Air Ticket SellerAgra

Agra is globally renown as the city of the Taj Mahal. But this royal Mughal city has, in addition to the legendary Taj, many monuments that epitomise the high point of Mughal architecture. In the Mughal period, in the 16th and 17th centuries, Agra was the capital of India. Here, Akbar, his grandson raised the towering ramparts of the great Red Fort. Within its walls, Jehangir built rose-red palaces, courts and gardens, and Shahajahan embellished it with marble mosques, palaces and pavilions of gem-inlaid white marble.

Taj Mahal - Its pure white marble shimmers silver in the soft moonlight, exudes a shell - pink glow at dawn, and at the close of the day, takes on the tawny, fiery hue of the majestic sun. Shahjahan built the monument in memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal, the 'lady of the Taj', who died giving birth to their 14th child. It has been called the most extravagant monument ever built for the sake of love.

Agra Fort - Among the other monuments that Agra takes pride in , built by three of the greatest Mughal emperors. The construction of this massive structure began in 1565, under Akbar, and continued till the time of his grandson, Shahjahan. The Diwan - i - Am, the Diwan - i - Khas, the Khas Mahal, the Palace of Mirrors, the Pearl mosque, the Nagina Masjid, the Garden of Grapes, and the Fish Pavilion are the other monuments in the fort complex.

Itmad-ud-daulah tomb- stands in the centre of a grand Persian garden, an architectural gem of its times. It is the tomb of Mirza Ghiyas Beg, Emperor Jehangir's wazir, or Chief Minister, and also his father - in- law.This splendid garden tomb is believed to be the precursor of the magnificent Taj Mahal, and was the first Mughal structure to be built entirely of marble, and the first, again, to make use of pietra dura, the inlay marble work that came to be typical of the Taj.

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My cheap air ticket take care travels Delhi Air Ticket Seller Corbett Wilds Resort

Corbett Wilds Resort
offers comfortable and affordable accommodation to all tourists. This resort is the perfect place to stay for all the discerning travelers. The hotel offers six individual swiss cottages, two standard rooms and eight deluxe rooms. All the rooms and cottages are feature coffee tables and chairs, private dressing areas, air conditioner private sit outs and attached bathroom with shower.

This large campsite sprawls over 11 acres of picturesque land. Corbett Wilds Resort also organizes safaris and walking trips, where naturalists and guides share their knowledge with the guests. The resort also organizes river rafting, rappelling, slithering, rock climbing, body surfing and base jumping on special request.

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